One team one goal

We attend all of our photo sessions with dual photographers. It's something that sets us apart from many others in our field. We strongly believe that this give us an advantage in capturing the various angles of your special day. Simply, one photographer cannot be everywhere.

Our Team

"A simple portrait can speak
a thousand words."
"Photography is my passion.
I love capturing those fun and special moments"

About Us

Who we are and what we love...

Aga and Rafal - photo enthusiasts and great friends.
We carry our cameras everywhere, always ready to press the shutter. Combined we have several years of photography experience.
There are many things we both love... among them are:
We love a good cup of coffee.
We love meeting new people, learning their life stories.
We love spending time with our families and dear, old friends.
But most of all we love the photography since it allows us to fully immerse ourselves into the beauty of the world. The world is full of breathtaking landscapes, interesting people, captivating moments and memories. Pressing the shutter makes it possible to freeze these moments in time... the moments that cannot ever be recreated... the moments otherwise lost forever. Through our images we can relive those moments and share them with others. That's why we also love the feeling of accomplishment and great joy looking at people's faces when they see their special moments caught for them forever in our photos. They are their stories that can be pass down through generations and we get to give people their stories to keep forever...